Don’t let body shaming steal your thunder ….

Too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too dark, too fair, you can be too of anything you want because it is your life. There is a sense that we are a ‘too’ of something and that everyone is perfect in their way. In the era of body shaming, people almost forget not to be ashamed of how someone else sees them rather be proud of who they are. Body shaming not only decides one’s confidence but also harms the mental peace one carries. We have now come to a period where people have started taking their life for granted just because someone else might not like how they look.


Your life is your responsibility and others’ judgment won’t make it better rather discomfort you in all possible ways. Body positivity is not just a word, it plays a vital role. Having a company that disrespects you just for your body means you being in bad company. You are not a mistake and not a problem to b solved. Nobody can bring peace to you, it’s you who need to understand that you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall.


  1. It is important to practice self-love and try ignoring all negative comments. Those words shouldn’t bother you. Believe you can love your body as it is.
  2. If you are witnessing body shaming in social media you can report it and tag it as inappropriate content. Choose your message on all platforms.
  3. You don’t need to hide from the world. Your body is yours and you have all rights to flaunt it the way you want. No extra clothing, no backing, no more of staying silent when you have things to say.
  4. Create your inner supporter and practice thanking your body each day. Remember you are enough.

For people who are involved in the other side of the story where you think body-shaming is the heroic thing you are doing then let me remind you, you are pushing someone to an extreme level to hate himself/herself.

Studies show that depression is one of the top causes to increase suicide risk. We live in a country that is known for its Unity, lets not ruin this, and let’s make this world a happy place to live in. Short, skinny, fat, fair, dark, and many more, everyone deserves love and happiness.


I am a content writer mainly focusing on writing my thoughts. I love and wish to engage my audience with my writeups.

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